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James Hanley Clark

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Professor James Hanley Clark
Senior Professor and Institute Director
University of York and Fudan University

James Clark is Professor of Chemistry at the University of York and was Founding Director of the world-leading
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence. He recently established and is Director of the Circa Renewable Chemistry
Institute. He is also a Chair Professor at Fudan University in China. His areas of interest include waste valorisation,
green solvents, and heterogeneous catalysis as well as major environmental issues such as the circular- and
bio-economies. He has held Visiting Professorships in South Africa, France and China. He started the
award-winning company Starbons Ltd and is now Chair of the new technology company Addible ltd and
CEO of the consulting company JHC Sustainability. He was the founding scientific editor of the world-leading
journal Green Chemistry and started the Green Chemistry Network. He is editor-in-chief for the RSC
Green Chemistry book series and was recently appointed as Chief Editor for the Frontiers journal,
Green and Sustainable Chemistry. His research work and his work on education have led to numerous awards
including Honorary Doctorates from universities in Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Sweden as well as prizes
from the RSC, SCI, ACS and EU. In 2018 he won the RSC Green Chemistry Prize and in 2021 he won the
European Sustainable Chemistry award. He has published over 600 articles (h index 95).

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